Welcome to the KLRN Kids Club! If you appreciate commercial-free, safe, educational programs like CLIFFORD, ARTHUR, DRAGON TALES, and IT'S A BIG, BIG WORLD, then join this fun and beneficial club made just for KLRN Kids.

This exciting new club embraces children ages 0-12. They will all enjoy interactive web activities tailored just for them. You can feel confident in the content they view — KLRN and PBS are dedicated to providing your child with quality programming along with safe and valuable web materials.

Sign up your family today for only $40. Benefits include:
  • Invitiation to all KLRN Kids events
  • Participation in the Book of the Month in cooperations with the San Antonio Public Library
  • KLRN Kids e-newsletters filled with information for kids and parents
  • KLRN Kids members will be given a book for parents and children to read together
  • A birthday card for each KLRN Kid

For an extra $40, your family will receive a KLRN MemberCard that gives you access to special rates and discounts at participating locations and access to the Benefit of the Month.

If you want your family to be a part of this FUNtastic club, just click here!

For more information, email Carissa Gillies at cgillies@klrn.org or call her at (210) 270-9000.

KLRN Kids Club and PBS Kids Go!
Members Only Event
Saturday, June 9
9:00 a.m. - noon
Gruene Hall
1281 Gruene Rd.

Calling all KLRN Kids Club and PBS Kids Go! Members. Come see a live performance by the Biscuit Brothers at this second Jamboree. Each little buckaroo will receive a free cowboy hat and bandana, and participate in county fair games. This party is for members only. For more information about this event or other KLRN Kids Club or PBS Kids Go! event, please contact Carissa Gillies at (210) 270-9000, ext. 2289, or at cgillies@klrn.org.


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