Books originally published on the other side of the Atlantic recommended for young American readers

Ages 0-3

Boo and Baa Have Company.
By Lena and Olof Landstrom. Boo and Baa attempt to rescue a cat stranded in a tree, but this proves to be challenging because the cat doesn't want to come down. Translated from Swedish.

The Cuddle Book.
By Guido Van Genechten. Different types of animal cuddles are described in this book; the best cuddle — a mommy's cuddle — is saved for last. First published in the Netherlands.

Lisa's Airplane Trip.
By Anne Gutman. On her first flight by herself, Lisa travels from Paris to New York City to visit her uncle. She enjoys the meal and the movie but has a mishap with her juice. This and other adventures of Lisa and her friend Gaspar were originally published in France.


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