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What is KLRN Connect?
LoginA district subscription service that provides:

40,000 video clips available online anytime--searchable and correlated to the TEKS!

Opportunities to participate in PBS TeacherLine which provides online professional development through facilitated courses, a supportive learning community and exemplary resources.

Onsite staff development on the implementation and integration of the educational online videos.

Placement of representatives from your district on the KLRN/PBS Advisory Council.

PBS resources and teacher guides.

Want to get KLRN Connect for your school?
Click here for information on how to get connected.

Occasionally Asked Questions

How long is the subscription term?
Subscription terms are for one year (August 1-July 31) and are renewed on an annual basis.

Who has access to the videos?
All teachers and students can access the videos through a username and password they create.

Can the videos be used in PowerPoint or other Multimedia presentations?
Yes! Your subscription comes with rights to download and save videos or images and integrate them into multimedia presentations or student reports.

Is there a way to track usage of the videos?
Yes, through the Administrators site. The campus administrator will be able to create usage reports and track utilization.

How will we know what videos are available?
Search available videos by keyword, title, subject, grade level, or state curriculum standard. Advanced searches can also be conducted for Spanish and closed captioned titles.

How will the teachers know about  KLRN CONNECT?
Your district subscription provides on-site staff development. KLRN will train your technology/media specialists and equip them with all of the tools necessary to implement CONNECT at their campus.


For pricing and other information, please contact:

Malinda McCormick
Director of School Services
501 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78215
Phone: 210.270.9000
Fax: 210.270.9078
Email: mmccormick@klrn.org


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