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Early ON
KLRN is a proud partner of the City of San Antonio’s school readiness initiative, Early ON. KLRN believes there is power in sharing experiences, information and ideas. When caregivers learn more about child development, they learn how to promote literacy and school readiness through everyday opportunities.

KLRN provides free experiences for children birth to age 5, their parents and their family, friends, and neighbors.



About Play & Learn
Play & Learn - a free mobile child/caregiver-education program- reaches families across San Antonio. At Play & Learn, participants share unique learning opportunities for infant, toddler, and preschool children with our group facilitators. We explore developmental areas: social-emotional, language, cognitive, physical and motor (fine and gross).

We promote learning as a lifelong adventure and help identify “anytime as learning time.”

Play & Learn in San Antonio
Each Play & Learn series is 11 weeks. At each activity, we offer a snack, Circle Time, child directed play, group activities, and gross motor activities. Participants are exposed to music and movement activities, story time, and sing songs in a large group.

The curriculum is aligned to the 2008 Texas Pre-K Guidelines, centers around learning themes, and is continuously modified to meet the interests and abilities of the children. Facilitators work individually with the families to model for them, to support them and to explore new ways of delivering activities. As it is child directed play, the adult caregivers learn to offer appropriate and engaging experiences in their homes for the children they care for.

Play & Learn is designed to promote child/caregiver interaction. Adults work with the child to explore early learning experiences such as painting, building structures, potting plants, and engaging in conversation. The children learn to build healthy relationships with their peers and the adults have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with one another too.

At each session, participants receive three books, take-home activities, and materials to use in their homes.

To learn more, call Mary at 210.208.8405.




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