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Early ON emphasizes early learning through school readiness. Research tells us that the experiences children have between the ages of birth and five are crucial to their success in school and, ultimately, in the workplace. The City of San Antonio's Department of Human Services oversees the Early ON project, and partner agencies carry out a variety of services, including workshops for parents and childcare providers, professional development opportunities, and city-wide family events. The success of Early ON involves the entire community: the business community, community- based organizations and other non-profits.

Educational Achievement

• A 1999 study concluded that high quality child care continues to positively predict a child’s performance well into elementary school.

• Children enrolled in preschool were 46% more likely to have completed high school.

• Reading achievement levels were higher for participants who received early childhood education.

Workforce Development

• Researchers found that by age 27, younger adults who had participated in early childhood education programs earned 60% more than those who did not.

• Employment rates were 30% higher for adults who had received early childhood education.

Return on Investment

• A recent return on investment analysis of child care in San Antonio concluded that for every $1 invested in early education, there is $4.47 in increased economic activity in the community.

• For every $1 invested in early education, there is a $7.26 saving in the cost of crime, special education, welfare, etc.