Caring for children in your home is an important and rewarding commitment! Providing a safe environment where children can explore, grow, and mature directly impacts what children learn and how prepared they are to enter school. Learning begins early and YOU play an awesome role by providing purposeful experiences that help children develop the language, motor, social, life, and problem-solving skills that influence their success. The early years are the most important years in your child’s life.

We encourage you to partner with your Early ON Delegate Agencies to get your child ready for school. We share activities, resources and information to support the growth and development of your child and offer free services and support.

Learn new ideas that you can apply as you encourage children to be active and engaged learners. The classroom is NOT confined between four walls; it is all around! The skills you’ll practice- communication, problem solving, and life- are important in developing your child’s early learning years. Encourage your child to engage in the activities and create new experiences for him or her. Share in these learning experiences together.

We are proud to partner with you to provide quality services and meaningful opportunities that will best prepare children to enter Kindergarten ready to learn and prepared to succeed. For more information on how you can help prepare your child for school, please visit our website earlyon-sa.org and look for Early ON  activity in your neighborhood. You can also call KLRN at 210.270.9000 for more information and resources.


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