Do you take care of someone else’s child in your home? If you do, you are a caregiver! You are an important adult in the child’s life. Do not think of yourself as being “a babysitter,” because you are a teacher. You are a role model. Family, friend and neighbor caregivers are tremendously important! The children you care for will learn as they watch you. By offering interesting activities, you help them become prepared to enter Kindergarten ready to learn! Learning begins early on, and you play an important role by providing purposeful experiences that help the children you care for develop the language, motor, social, life, and problem-solving skills that influence their success in school and in life.

Family, Friends and Neighbors is a city-wide effort funded by the City of San Antonio and overseen by its Department of Community Initiatives.
It is part of the City’s Early ON program, which emphasizes early learning through school readiness. Several partner agencies offer activities, workshops, and information to support children and their caregivers. There are excellent programs in your community that offer FREE classes and activities. Click for fun activities!
Visit the partner agencies for more information

Remember, the classroom is not confined between four walls.
The classroom is all around.
You can teach the children you care for when you are out in the community. For example, as you take a walk
in your neighborhood, talk with them about what they see and hear.
Share in these meaningful experiences with the children—because teachable moments happen everywhere! Encourage the children in
your care to become active learners. The “classroom” gets bigger as we embrace this idea.

We are proud of you! We know that you care for children!


Maricella Borroel
Director of Early Childhood Services


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